Tired of leaking taps, peeling paint and broken tiles in your bathroom? Here are 7 ideas shared by Melbourne renovation companies for a functional and beautiful bathroom:

Idea#1: Choose Light Colours

Using neutral hues for tiles and flooring creates an illusion of a bigger space while rendering a sense of tranquillity. Melbourne Home Renovations suggest laying big, rectangular tiles vertically to reduce grout lines and make the room appear bigger.

Idea#2: Build Walk-in Showers

Building a walk-in shower maximises bathing space and increases your options to install shower, basin and toilet.

Idea#3: Put A Big Mirror

Placing a big mirror makes a small area feel bigger. Melbourne renovation companies suggest installing a mirror from roof to ground that will make the mirror the heart of the room.

Idea#4: Invest In Natural Lighting

Allowing natural light to come in through windows will give a sense of a well-lit space. Using LED lights will reduce energy bills and provide ample lighting. 

Idea#5: Use Contrasting Fixtures

Installing elegant fixtures such as taps, dispensers, and basins in contracting colours and dressers made from natural materials such as wood add warmth and texture to the room.

Idea#6: Mount Fittings On Walls

Mounting taps, dispensers, and dressers on the wall frees up a lot of floor space and provides a feeling of freshness that ensures your space remains clear and dry.

Idea#7: Build Wall-Facing Toilet

Building a wall-facing toilet hides the cistern and adds a chic finish while making your small bathroom appear less cluttered.

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